Oct 16, 2014

Peace, Love, & Acting on the Prompting!

Almost every day I get a prompting to reach out to someone. Most of the time I ignore it. "How weird would it be for me to reach out to so-and-so after not talking for years? Or what would I even say?" And sometimes there was a fall out and you didn't end on good terms- who wants to deal with that awkward conversation- I don't even remember what really happened or why we even stopped being friends but yeah that's weird. Then sometimes, I simply put it off to when I have 'time'. If I don't do it right then I forget and it will never happen.

I have made a pact with myself to write those little notes, send that text, or even make the phone call when that person crosses my mind. I would hope that if someone has been thinking about me that they would reach out to me. I can't expect that if I am not reaching out to who I should be.

More times than not that other person NEEDS to hear from you. You were sent the name of that person. God wants you to go fill his shoes for some reason you don't know. And to be honest you might NEVER know! But the point is- you can be an inspiration, a saving grace, a pick me up, or the clarity someone needs.

Reach out when you get that prompting no matter where your relationship stands with that person!

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