Oct 23, 2014

Peace, Love, & Pity Parties

EVERYONE is entitled to bad days. This is something I have realized in more recent years. I used to tell myself I wasn't allowed to be unhappy or let anyone know I wasn't having a good day. This made the situation worse. You see... I would suppress the hurt, anger, or the negative feelings and internalize it. This made me more unhappy and for longer periods of time.

Let me tell you about my new game plan for when those days happen:

1| Call or text your friends. Let me clarify- your BEST friends. They are the ones who will be there on the bad days and the good days. They are the ones who deserve to hear your story and they have proved that to you.

2| Call or text a family member. These conversations don't necessarily need to be downers. Just tell them whats up and then move on to them and what is going on in their life. FOCUS on them. Forget yourself. Sometimes that is all we really need.

3| Throw a pity party. Thats right. Go get the yummy food, pick out a movie, and kick back. Turn off your phone if you have to. The point of this is to get all the crummy feelings out- all at once! If you need to be alone don't invite anyone, but if you want a little company I have no doubt your best friend will be there for you. (They won't even think twice about being there with you!)

Then you will get reminders like this from your best friends.

This is my bad day cure. I usually only have to do this once every few months. The other times when I just need to think or clear my head, I go for a drive. The point is that we all have different ways of dealing with bad days but we need to get over it and QUICKLY. That is key to remaining sane and not letting a little negativity slow you down!

I never understand why some of my closest friends don't tell me they are in a funk but then here I was two days ago in a funk and I didn't want to talk to anyone. Since that was exactly what I needed I was glad when my best friend came over just to be with me. It's days like those that I realize just how blessed I am. I have some amazing people in my life and they know that I am stubborn and that I connect emotionally to everything so when someone walks out of my life they know it will be hard for me regardless of my connection to that person walking away from me. I have now had my last pity party of the year 2014. Hopefully! ;)

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