Oct 2, 2015

BAD habits.

Well, recently I have gotten into some bad habits. Complacency really. I love to add new posts to my blog and I love to be able to update my blog with the incredible things going on in my life. Yet, it has been over a month since my last post.

Bad habit #1: I have quit writing consistently on my blog...

Bad habit #2: I let myself come home after work, get comfy-- then I tell myself it's okay not to go out. (What?!? I had a long day!)

Bad habit #3: I tell myself it's okay not to try to make friends. "I mean I travel so much, so it's not like I can actually make friends here." Real smart Meg, real smart.

These three habits slightly run all together into one. I HATE BEING COMPLACENT. Yet, here I am. My life, all in all, is not complacent. I work a lot, I travel a lot, and I started running a lot. (Yes, I am SO proud of this.)

It comes back to how many of those plates you can keep spinning at the same time. I have become so distracted by my new "corporate America" life that I have forgotten what truly matters. I have let the friends/social life plate smash on the floor. For as long as I can remember that was one of the most important plates in my life. I used to love letting the school plate slip every once in awhile... but the newly added career plate is what is throwing off my balance.

How do we regain balance? How do we give and take between all the plates to make room for another? Well that is just it. We must give and take a little, we must sacrifice something, and we must focus on priorities. For me I have to realize that relationships matter. ALL relationships, new, old, romantic, platonic, and family all matter. It's not good to always be alone. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate alone time, but I might over do the alone time.

Anyway, as I try to regain the balance in my life, I hope you can see if you need to re-balance anything in your own life? What if there is something you need to add in that you have put off or ignored? Now's your time to do so. The time will pass whether or not you move forward and toward that goal.

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