Jan 11, 2016

SOLO trip to Moab.

 Once upon a time, I was sitting at my desk staring off into the computer screen. THEN it hit me. I wanted to go on an adventure, a road trip, anything to give me a little "me" time. So, in the matter of minutes I decided to go to Moab(where I had never been). I booked a hotel room, made a list of things to go home and pack, and then I left work and was on the road to Moab within an hour.

For those of you that know me pretty well, you know this is normal for me. Spontaneous, spur of the moment trips to Hawaii have even happened. I am no stranger to taking trips by myself or going to dinner and a movie by myself. Sometimes that is all I need to recharge.

I texted my Mom and told her where I was going and then didn't think twice about it. I just went. She did ask me a few questions and then reminded me I will always be the baby. But then she told me to have fun.

I had a moment when I got back and was talking with people and they were all in awe that I would go to Moab (or anywhere) by myself. I never once thought I was crazy or that it was weird that I would go alone. I have always been very independent. I remember once having a conversation with my ex about a trip I had taken to Atlantic City. I was living out east and he was in LA so we weren't close that I could drag him with me. He was so confused- how could I have fun going by myself? Well, I took myself to a Kelly Clarkson concert and all was well with the world. :) Anyway, now I am side tracked... There should be nothing(especially something like being alone) that stops you from going and doing something you love. I love to hike and be in nature, I also love road trips and driving SO I went for it.


This is a lovely trail marker. A women I passed on my way down thought they were similar to the balanced rock and were made by natural forces. I had to laugh and get a picture crouched down by one of the many trail makers that "just happened to be there".

Hiking at 7 in the morning=bed head, yesterday's eyebrows, and no makeup. #nocares

I sat under the Delicate Arch for over an hour. Alone. Not a single soul in sight. It was heavenly and awe-spiring!

After spending 4 hours in Arches National Park I headed to Dead Horse Point. It was my favorite. I was pretty much on the same level as the clouds. I wish the pictures did it justice but here is a small glimpse at the beauty.

 I hiked all day Saturday and then drove back and went to a friend's birthday party it was a quick trip but so incredible. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea to go hiking in the middle of winter or to drive 3 hours, or to do something alone but to me it is a moment of pure uninterrupted time with me, my thoughts and Heavenly Father. God is real. His love for us is immeasurable. I was able to reflect on where I am, where I have been and where I am going. Sometimes I need a trip away from everyone to actually accomplish those things. I even put my phone in airplane mode for majority of the weekend. (After a few snapchats were sent) ha ha :)

Go enjoy the things you love in life. Don't let something silly stop you from going.

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