Jul 23, 2016

Oh, the lessons we learn.

Yesterday, I had a moment. Actually two. One I am incredibly proud of and the other... not so much. Don't worry, I'm going to tell you about both.

Last night, I went out to my car, got in, and noticed things were off.... The drivers side of my car was definitely higher than the passenger side.

Yep. I had a flat tire. Lucky for me, it was in my garage. Have I ever changed a flat tire? No. Have I ever even watched someone change a flat tire? Definitely not. It was one of those moments that my thoughts got the best of me and I instantly got upset and sad that I was alone and had no guy at home to help me with this impossible task. Why did this have to happen? It seemed like the end of the world for a second. *yes, I am aware I was being a dramatic girl. This is the moment I am not proud of.* That negativity lasted for two seconds before the thought "you don't need a man to fix this" popped into my head. And anyone who knows me- knows I am pretty stubborn. So I was determined to change that stupid tire.

Now, with no idea what I needed to do, I just did it. I at least knew where everything was that I needed to get the job done. I got out the spare tire, jack and all other miscellaneous parts. I knew the concept of what needed to happen. Fortunately, that translated to actually being able to do it. I changed the tire and put on the spare tire. All by myself. No google needed. No macho man needed to loosen the lug nuts. (That was definitely the hard part). And in total it took me less than a half hour. *That accomplishment is the moment I redeemed myself for the initial negative thoughts.*

Sure enough when I pulled out the tire there was a nice screw in it. Lovely. Today's adventure will be tire shopping. Ohhhh the joys.

Do I want to be alone forever? No. Does it mean I need to stop living life because I am alone? Absolutely NOT. Just because I am temporarily single does not mean I just sit on my hands waiting for someone to come do everything for me. I can, without a doubt, do it. And if I don't know how, I can learn.

No matter what it is that seems impossible (and yes for me it was a flat tire), don't let your own thoughts or anyone else tell you, you can't. You can. You don't need a man. Or someone to hold your hand. *Even though that would be nice!*

You. Are. Unstoppable.

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